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The Kabah: Constant flow.

I've been wanting to do an abstract piece on the Kabah and the religious pilgrimage for Muslims for a while now. This week I had some time to go to the Art shop and collect myself some Acrylics and a new clean canvas to work on. It was sitting a while, waiting to be worked on, staring at me while I hesitated and did some practice and research on what I would like the finished piece to look like and what it was I wanted to convey to those who see it.

Although the blank canvas can be little daunting by the time I had done my exploring on sheets I was itching to get going. Making art is always a process and I try to take breaks to come away from what I've done and look at it with a new eye every so often but saying that I often find myself unable to stop painting once I begin... simply because it so calming and hard to pull away.

With this piece I wanted there to be a flow, movement and repetitive strokes using various tools and techniques. I wanted it to be bold and colourful with texture and depth. The Kabah being the focal and strong point, a solid bold shape.

One of the most beautiful things about the Kabah in Makkah is the constant flow and spiritual energy of people circumambulating it. That movement combined with the coming together of all people, from different places and cultures to worship and praise One God, Allah, as equals is what I hoped to catch in this painting. Its an amazing experience to be there and a joyful memory to treasure.

This piece is available on my shop:

I'm eager to do more and am also open to commissioned work for similar pieces. Feel free to get in touch. :)


An abstract piece I have done on the Kabah.

#Kabah #Makkah #Islam #IslamicArt #Hajj #Umrah #Art #MuslimArtists #Abstract #Pilgrimage #Islamic

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