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Eid Cards for Kids.

There are numerous things about Eid that I could list that makes it SO sooooo, EVER so special! Yes I had to write 'So' a whole 3 times to express just how special Eid is.! :D Giving , however is one of the things about Eid that increases the joy of the day, both for the giver and receiver. As a child I remember getting home from Eid prayers, in my frilly (itchy) dress with my siblings equally excited, trying to be as patient as I possible could, to see what gifts are waiting for us and what our friends and family will bring for us on this blessed day. At that time there wasn't any concept of EID CARDS for CHILDREN. Maybe we would make a handmade card or two but to be able to buy sweet, childish, humorous cards to go with a gift was not an option, at least not in growing up in London. Now that I see my children at that age where they are understanding more about Eid and Ramadan, (and why dinosaurs are so big, scary and AMAZING!) I wanted them to enjoy Eid to them max and take part in scribbling warm messages in cards for their friends, siblings, family or school teacher. And of course because I cannot stay away from the drawing table too long. So I put myself to work designing some child friendly Eid Cards (which you can buy at my little humble shop on I hope you like my designs!

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