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About me

Hello! :) I'm Maria MiGo.


I'm an illustrator, an artist, a maker of things. I've been forever interested in the creative field, from fashion design to children's books' illustrations. I love working with visuals to convey a story. My sketchbook is never far from my reach, and my head is forever brimming with ideas, like popcorn popping in a pan!


After graduating in Fashion Design at the London College of Fashion and doing my final year in Children's' wear, I found a new love for illustration and headed off on a self taught journey of illustrating children's books... And here I am now, 10 years on, with a few books of my own published, having the chance to work with some lovely people including Sweet Apple Books, Muslim Childrens Books and the BBC and yes... still thoroughly enjoying it!  

 I have also been doing murals for children's rooms, libraries and schools. Have a look at my portfolio and feel free to drop me a line to work together or just to say hey hello! 

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